Friday, February 27, 2015

Homer natural gas pipeline

  They finished the natural gas pipeline to all city residents this past fall, ran the line down from Anchor Point (paid for by the crony capitalists State of Alaska, don't know the exact price but the state paid over 8 million to Enstar to bring the gas to Homer)

  So the city of Homer had a problem how do we pay for the natural gas distributed lines in town?
Cost Estimate: $12,657,147. Cost for Enstar to build the distribution system, excluding the trunk line: Not to exceed $12,160, 632. This translated to $31.55 per linear foot. Administration fee: $316,515 (consistent with City of Homer fee schedule). Direct construction cost estimate: $180,000. This will pay for seasonal inspectors, utility locates, project management and equipment.
Financing: the City can finance the project a variety of ways; selling special assessment bonds, commercial loan, revenue bonds, or borrowing from Kenai Peninsula Borough. The City will pass the interest rate it receives to the lot owner or the assessment can be paid up front in full. Percentage of improvement cost to be assessed against Properties in the District: 75% of the cost of the project, including administrative and direct costs, will be assessed against properties in the District. 25% will be paid from grant funds (more crony capitalists ).
  The city borrowed the money from the borough and assess every property owner in the city limits $3,237.14 per lot (or there about) weather you want to have natural gas to your lot or not. ( This isn't counting the price to convert your appliances or the gas line to your house (hookup fee) or in your house.)

So here we are paying so our neighbors can have natural gas, I waiting for how many people hooked up to the natural gas, emailed the city this morning we'll see if they answer, there are over 3500 lots in Homer city limits.

LINK: Wrapping up the Natural Gas HSAD: Final opportunity to object in March


12-6-2015 still no answer from the city or Enstar as to how many people signed up


Still no snow

February 27, 2015 and still no snow, haven't started my snowblower this winter and it will be time to change over to lawnmower deck soon. 22 degrees this morning but sun shinning and very nice during the day almost t-shirt weather.
Diesel finally got down to $3.39 but that looks like it's as low as it will get, gasoline $2.89 here in Homer.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Snow Blower

Well it's Feb. 1, 2015 and I still haven't started my Snow Blower this winter. We have a few inches of snow but nothing like a normal year 5 to 7 feet by now.

Some of the old timers have told me this has happened before but not very often. I like it, has saved me gasoline and wood for the stove. Gas is $3.04 and diesel is still $3.45 Hope it gets cheaper so I can fill up my tank for another year.