Sunday, March 19, 2017

Saturday, March 18, 2017


It's been between 4 and 20 degrees for 3 weeks now. Still have about 3' snow in the yard. Looks like a cold spring and awhile before I can get to my log pile to start cutting wood for next winter. Have a moose laying in the backyard chewing her cud. All is well here in Alaska. 

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Cutting the cord with Directv

After DirecTV raised my monthly bill to 129.00 from 100.00 all my free stuff ended, I decided to cut the cord and stop my subscription. I had to pay 20.00 a month for the months that were left on my contract  after all was said and done cost me 161.00 to cancel my Directv. If I had continued my service it would have cost me 1280.00 to finish out my contract.

This is what I did before cutting the cord:
I bought a  Channel Master CM-4221HD  antenna (57.00), I had tried a flat antenna for the window but it didn't work I live about 18 miles from tower and I'm 900' above the bay here in Homer. After installing the antenna on my roof I get all channels in my area (9) free. ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, all come in on my samsung smart TV in HD a better picture than was on Directv.

Next I bought Amazon Fire TV (90.00) one time cost. I have been a Amazon Prime member for a few years and had watched movies and shows on Amazon prime before.( I have internet speeds 10mb download and 1mb upload) I was a little worried there would be buffering on the Fire TV but so far none. There is more apps on Fire TV than I could have imagined. More channels than DirecTV.

Next I wanted to get FOX news and business live and some other channels thats not on Fire TV. After trying Sling and Hulu free trial I canceled (no FOX news live) I tried PlayStation VUE It has the Channels I wanted and will DVR your favorite shows in the cloud. Cost (30.00) a month. ( there are a lot of channels on Fire TV that to get them you have to have TV subscription CBS, FOX NEWS LIVE, History, etc. )

I don't have a problem with DirecTV except that they have so many channels that we never watched and had to pay for. Just my opinion but way to much junk that is being paid for by there subscribers. 

So to sum up:
DirecTV for one year $1578.00 

Cost to Cancel:
Antenna $57.00
Amazon Fire TV $90.00
Amazon Prime $99.00
Playstation Vue $360.00 one year
cancellation fee DirecTV $161.00
Total cost $767.00

So for this year I saved $811.00 
From now on it will cost me:
Amazon Prime $99.00 per year 
Playstation Vue $360.00 one year
Total: $459.00 a year or a saving  $1119.00 a year

If you are thinking about cutting the cord I would make sure you can get free TV over an antenna, you have fast enough internet, and you don't mind spending time looking at all you can get over the internet (it's endless)